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January 31 Chris’s Post Race Review and a long rant The result was a positive effort as Corvette Racing begins its 20th season of competition.

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Predictably this transaction was spun as a merger with NASCAR, but the money went in one direction, the control in the opposite. Well all things must pass and this unification has been a long time coming and certainly makes commercial sense. That is one area that you can be sure that the France family will have done their homework on, the deal will make money. From my distant perch, and no longer chasing the circus as I had done ten years or more ago, I am perhaps less concerned with the future.

Considering the present situation my thoughts drifted back to the beginning of the adventure, when the possibilities seemed boundless. History repeated itself and the usual suspects were rounded up for another hatchet job. The whole edifice crashed back to Earth in , why and how is a story is for another time and place.


Professionally, he was usually a nightmare to work with, throwing tantrums about everything from the cut of a pair of jeans to the billing of another actor. On nearly every film that he made, he fell out with the director or the screenwriters or his co-stars — and sometimes all of them at once. Perhaps as a test of his first wife Neile’s devotion, McQueen made indiscreet phone calls within her hearing and left lipstick smudges on his shirts Paul Newman, who starred in more hits than McQueen, was a particular bugbear.

The Thundermans is an American comedy television series created by Jed Spingarn that aired on Nickelodeon from October 14, to May 25, The series stars Kira Kosarin, Jack Griffo, Addison Riecke, Diego Velazquez, Chris Tallman, Rosa Blasi, and Maya Le Clark, and features the voice of Dana Snyder as Dr. Colosso.

It’s the 24 Hours of Le Mans and it starts on Saturday. As the name implies, it’s a hour endurance race, which takes place in Le Mans, France, but it is so much more than just that. The race has taken place annually since — only pausing in due to a strike in France and from due to the outbreak of World War II. It has since become one of the greatest motor races in the world, easily on par with the Indy , the Daytona and the Monaco Grand Prix.

Drivers race in teams of three from 3 p. The team which covers the most distance wins. This means the cars have to be incredibly quick, but also reliable and efficient. Drivers and crews are pushed up to and beyond their limits. Finishing Le Mans is a massive accomplishment. Winning might as well be a moonshot. The course is called Circuit de la Sarthe and is comprised of a mix of closed public roads and dedicated racing roads, totaling nearly eight-and-a-half miles in its present configuration.

It’s known for its incredibly long straight, called the Mulsanne Straight, which was nearly four miles in length before two chicanes small turns were added to slow cars down. Before the chicanes were added in , the fastest cars would regularly hit over mph on the Mulsanne. What was it like in the past?

Catching Up With Tim Greaves, “The Planning For Le Mans Is Continuous”

Fans bicker back and forth, ultimately to no avail, but in attempts to satisfy both sides of the argument, the Stuttgart manufacturer has combined the two ideologies. In commemoration of its fabled motorsport history, Porsche has dressed five of its Macan sport crossovers in unmistakable racing liveries, making for the strange kind of mix up that seems to work better than it should.

Enthusiasts will remember each of these schemes from Le Mans-winning Porsches of yesteryear as well as some of the marque’s most competitive past racers. The list ranges from special one-off editions to consistently-used liveries, all with that same charm that made the German manufacturer visually and aesthetically memorable throughout the years. Porsche Off the bat, Martini may be the most recognizable racing sponsors of all time.

Dozens of factory-backed Porsches wore the red, white, and blue stripes during the ’70s and ’80s, not to mention thousands of replicas since.

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November 30, By Michael Lamm. The concept of concept cars goes back futher than most people realize. GM Design Staff photo. The aluminum-bodied Auburn Cabin Speedster appeared in Lamm maintains that it fits any definition of a concept car.

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But, as always, the American Le Mans Series has a substantial presence there. This year, the 56th slot, reserved for technology leaders which got the Deltawing to Le Mans last year in the first place, goes to the Green GT H2, but that was announced last June. The Green GT H2 car is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. He will line up against another U. The team has won the last two ALMS championships in class and three straight titles dating back to the Prototype Challenge crown. Also of interest to U.

There were 71 entries for the 56 spots.


Share this article Share McNish had enjoyed a superb start from fifth on the grid to be running second shortly before the hour mark when the accident happened. The safety car was called onto the track and left last year’s winner, Timo Bernhard, up front in the lead Audi ahead of its remaining sister car and three Peugeots. McNish doubles up in agony but he was later given the all-clear after medical checks After clipping Anthony Beltoise’s car, McNish goes hurtling across the gravel towards the wall A spokesman for the team said of McNish: He’s more gutted about retiring from the race.

McNish had been enjoying a stellar drive having overtaken the number nine Peugeot of Sebastien Bourdais early on before getting the better of Franck Montagny just after the minute mark to establish an Audi one-two-three.

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Only registered TrekEarth members may write critiques. Traditionally the capital of the province of Maine, it is now the capital of the Sarthe department Pays de la Loire region and the seat of the Roman Catholic diocese of Le Mans. Its inhabitants are called Manceaux and Mancelles. It has been host to the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans sports car race since First mentioned by Ptolemy, the Roman city Vindinium was the capital of the Aulerci, a sub tribe of the Aedui. An amphitheatre built in the third century AD is still visible, but the thermae were demolished during the crisis of the third century to build the city’s walls, which remain some of the most complete circuit of Gallo-Roman city walling that survives.

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High Gothic Cathedrals of France It’s impossible to utter the words Le Mans without conjuring up images of the endurance car race that takes place in the city every June. The hour race tests cars and drivers to their absolute limits, but for the rest of the year, Le Mans is a peaceful and charming town with its roots in Roman times and a labyrinth of narrow streets and timbered buildings that transport you back to the middle ages.

The medieval quarters are perched high on a hill, separated from the modern city and the verdant countryside of the Pays de la Loire region below. Religious Buildings The imposing St. Julian Cathedral towers over Le Mans in a dramatic jumble of architectural styles, as a result of taking five centuries to complete.

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