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Andersson Galileo challenged the foundations of the physics and cosmology taught by the Aristotelian professors and literature of his epoch. He developed a new science of nature in mechanics, with his experiments and mathematical laws of natural free fall, and in cosmography and astronomy, with his use of new methods of parallax, his revolutionary telescopic discoveries, and applications of ideas of relativity of motions. These autograph manuscripts – his correspondence and books and other papers are bound in many volumes in the extensive Manoscritti Galileiani Ms. This immense collection embraces the works of an epoch in Italian natural philosophy and physics. It also includes original papers of other important authors. The majority of the notes are from and after, while Galileo was under house arrest, but it also contains papers and fragments written as early as In fact none of these folios were dated by Galileo.

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The academy granted its first bachelor’s degree in He is believed to be the first black student to enroll in higher education in the United States, although he did not receive a degree. In gratitude, the trustees changed the school’s name to Washington Academy; in it was chartered as Washington College. The current statue is made of bronze; the original wooden statue was restored and now resides in the university’s library.

Michigan State University has instituted a faculty orientation to midcareer and started workshops to help associate professors develop leadership and managerial skills since so much of the job is.

The number of to year-olds digitally dating has almost tripled from 10 percent in to about 30 percent today, according to recent data from the Pew Research Center—no surprise, considering there are now dozens of dating apps to choose from. Plenty of people are still meeting each other the old-fashioned way in person , but online options can make the dating pool feel a little broader and may be beneficial for those who are on the introverted side.

Just like anything else, though, online dating has its pros and cons. At its best, online dating puts an endless supply of potential partners and friends right in the palm of your hand. The cons All that choice can be overwhelming, caution the experts. Instead of facing our anxieties, it can be really easy to escape them [by going] on a Tinder bender. Clair College in Ontario. Tips on making yours amazing below.

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Quarterback legacy Each school has a fantastic list of iconic quarterbacks. Mike Belotti or Jim Owens? Oregon, even if you count Rich Brooks, is at a disadvantage here. Go back to Gil Dobie, who put together a record of from with the Huskies.

Washington Administrative Code (WAC) Regulations of executive branch agencies are issued by authority of statutes. Like legislation and the Constitution, regulations are a source of primary law in Washington State.

The service will allow people older than 18 to create a dating profile — separate from their main profile and invisible to their friends — that it shows to potential matches based on common interests, dating preferences, location and mutual friends, company officials said. The service will begin testing in a few months. Privacy watchdogs, advertising experts and industry rivals worry the service could expose users more acutely to the worst of the Web — scams, malicious strangers and other problems Facebook already has its hands full with.

Will they put the resources into safety? But because Facebook’s audience is bigger and more widespread, its ad-targeting platform is more sophisticated and its users’ profiles are built on years of detailed information, experts worry the new dating service could present a huge target and amplify the potential for abuse.

Some of the dating apps now allege that Facebook is copying their apps, encompassing their features into its main market-dominating powerhouse.

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The map scale is 1: A variation of the Surface Management Map, titled the Surface and Mineral Management Map, depicts the location and nature of federally owned mineral rights. Not all maps are available in both editions. Surface Management Maps are primarily available in print. Print maps are available for viewing in the Maps Unit.

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We strongly recommend at least one chaperone for every five students. In the History Lab, students employ critical thinking and apply their own perspectives, led by a museum facilitator. Students become historians in this engaging, one-and-a-half hour facilitated field trip where they work in small groups to learn about historical evidence by interacting directly with objects.

Our new format offers more hands-on opportunities, interdisciplinary practices and concepts, and engaging questions. Is a History Lab Field Trip right for your class? Your class is Third Grade or above. You have only one or two adjacent grade levels. You have a minimum of 15 students. Your group can stay the entire time slot 9: The Lab can accommodate up to two classes per time slot — four classes total for the day.

If you can meet these requirements, feel free to book a History Lab Field Trip. If not, we welcome you to book a Self-Guided Field Trip , which has more flexibility with times and numbers. If you plan on a History Lab field trip, prepare by placing students in chaperone groups based on their complementary strengths, as these groups will work together in the Lab.

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General contact information for Harvard University, including mailing address and contact information for admissions.

Programs, Resources, and Information Expertise, Education, and More We want you to consider us your one stop hub for wellness. What does that mean exactly? It means you can count on us for research-based training, health promotion, and individualized wellness consults–or just stop by and pick up some free condoms, lube, and more. And, for any RAs, PAs, or curious folks out there, check out our fact sheet library below.

Whether you are looking for information on contraception, STI prevention, consent, or substance use or abuse, we’ve got you covered. For each topic, click “learn more” for a more detailed infographic or fact sheet. As always, if there’s a wellness topic you’d like to see covered that you don’t see below, let us know! We’ll do our best to accommodate you. Staff-led Workshops and Outreach The Wellness Center conducts a range of workshops and outreach activities around campus.

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R Brookings or Robert B If you want to make updates to your directory information, contact your department office. These listings do not include departmental directory listings; please visit the appropriate departmental website. The Ternion is no longer available. Physicians Directory Washington University Physicians, the multispecialty group practice of the School of Medicine, is one of the five largest academic clinical practices in the nation.

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Preamble. This Agreement is made and entered into by and between the University of Washington, hereinafter referred to as the “University” or the “Employer” and the International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW), AFL-CIO and its Local Union hereinafter referred to as the “UAW” or the “Union.”.

The 82 streetcar line used to operate even further north of Branchville all the way up to Laurel. However, its route was truncated to terminate at Branchville during the late ‘s. Riders also had the option of catching the Red Line train and getting off at other Metrorail stops in Downtown Washington D. Route 1 , which eventually makes a sharp turn and becomes Baltimore Avenue U. Route 1 onto Greenbelt Road. Route 1 was not available on Sunday’s since C2 only operated Monday’s – Saturday’s.

Between and , route 83 only operated Monday’s – Saturday’s while 81 operated on only on Sunday’s. There was no longer a need for 81 to divert to serve the Greenbelt Metro Station from Baltimore Avenue in College Park as service was already provided between those two places by C2.

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Seattle Power and Water Supply Collection Historical photographs and pamphlets documenting the construction of hydroelectric power and water supply facilities built in Washington State from the late s to the s including the Snoqualmie Falls Power Plant, the Electron Plant, the Skagit River Hydroelectric Project, and the Cedar River water supply system. Sephardic Studies Collection of the University of Washington The Sephardic Studies Digital Library and Museum has collected from members of the local Seattle Sephardic community more than original Ladino books and thousands of documents composed in Ladino as well as other relevant languages, such as Ottoman Turkish, Hebrew and French.

William Skinner Map Collection Dr. Skinner was a leading proponent of the spatial approach to Chinese history and the use of maps as a key class of data in ethnography. This collection of over maps comes from his personal collection and covers a variety of demographic and economic themes.

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Sarkisian’s lone court record in Washington state is a routine speeding ticket and he wasn’t publicly disciplined by the university. But his actions raised concern among some of his players and others closely associated with Washington’s program. One former Huskies player said he smelled alcohol on Sarkisian at team meetings, an allegation that bears some resemblance to reports by USC players that their coach “didn’t seem right” during a meeting Sunday morning, and statements by others close to the Trojans football program that he seemed unstable during a recent game at Arizona State.

After Sarkisian’s outburst in August at USC’s “Salute to Troy” event where he slurred his words, insulted opponents and added an expletive to the university’s “Fight on! What emerged is a portrait of a man who favored Patron Silver tequila or Coors Light and frequented a handful of Seattle-area bars, typically accompanied by staff members, and didn’t hesitate to drink — early — while traveling.

During a stop at a rib joint in Nashville in January , for example, Sarkisian and three assistants ordered four shots of Patron Silver, four shots of an unspecified liquor and five beers. The coach cashed out at Advertisement Some associated with Washington’s football program remain unabashed supporters. But Sarkisian’s use of alcohol became a running joke among some Washington players, some of whom spoke about the topic on the condition they not be named because of the personal nature of the issue.

One ex-player said that in , Sarkisian’s first season with the Huskies, the coach sometimes arrived at morning team meetings “smelling like booze and [with] eyes all red, like he’s been on a bender.

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Copies of the Manastash are free! Nationally known writers reading their own work. Each spring, students enrolled in ENG Contemporary Writers Colloquium an upper-level multi-genre writing workshop , meet with three visiting writers from the Lion Rock Visiting Writers Series. We also sponsor talks by professional editors and publishers, readings by faculty and students, including open mics, and an annual reading for students who have their work published in CWU’s literary magazine , Manastash.

English Heritage Scientific Dating Service. Marine Reservoir Correction Database – online at Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Washington. Applied Chronometry – MSc course at the University of Durham (UK). Magazine “Discovering Archaeology”. Archaeology on the Net.

An underwater picture of the modern demosponge species Rhabdastrella globostellata, which make the same mes steroids that the researchers found in ancient rocks. The first author is Alex Zumberge, a doctoral student working in Love’s research group. Rather than searching for conventional body fossils, the researchers have been tracking molecular signs of animal life, called biomarkers, as far back as million years ago during the Neoproterozoic Era. In ancient rocks and oils from Oman, Siberia, and India, they found a steroid compound produced only by sponges, which are among the earliest forms of animal life.

The work builds from a study by Love’s team, which reported the first compelling biomarker evidence for Neoproterozoic animals from a different steroid biomarker, called isopropylcholestane ipc , from rocks in South Oman. However, the ipc biomarker evidence proved controversial since ipc steroids are not exclusively made by demosponges and can be found in a few modern algae. The finding of the additional and novel mes ancient biomarker, which is unique to demosponges, adds extra confidence that both compounds are fossil biomolecules produced by demosponges on an ancient seafloor.

The study also provides important new constraints on the groups of modern demosponges capable of producing unique steroid structures, which leave a distinctive biomarker record.

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Washington Administrative Code (WAC) Regulations of executive branch agencies are issued by authority of statutes. Like legislation and the Constitution, regulations are a source of primary law in Washington State.

History[ edit ] Early history — [ edit ] Washington University was conceived by 17 St. Louis business, political, and religious leaders concerned by the lack of institutions of higher learning in the Midwest. Eliot , led the effort. The university’s first chancellor was Joseph Gibson Hoyt. Crow secured the university charter from the Missouri General Assembly in , and Eliot was named President of the Board of Trustees.

Early on, Eliot solicited support from members of the local business community, including John O’Fallon , but Eliot failed to secure a permanent endowment. Washington University is unusual among major American universities in not having had a prior financial endowment. The institution had no backing of a religious organization, single wealthy patron, or earmarked government support.

William Greenleaf Eliot, first president of the Board of Trustees During the three years following its inception, the university bore three different names. The board first approved “Eliot Seminary,” but William Eliot was uncomfortable with naming a university after himself and objected to the establishment of a seminary, which would implicitly be charged with teaching a religious faith. He favored a nonsectarian university.

Naming the University after the nation’s first president, only seven years before the American Civil War and during a time of bitter national division, was no coincidence.

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