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The maps on this page were specifically chosen because they depict a plethora of surface and subterranean features, such as businesses, churches, mineral deposits, mountains, roads, rivers, and schools. More importantly, they also show property owners and dwellings, allowing researchers to place individuals or families in a certain spot at a specific point in time. Pennsylvania maps depicting the Commonwealth’s various counties have been produced for over years, with the first being Thomas Holmes’ A Mapp of Ye Improved Part of Pennsylvania in America divided into Countyes Townships and Lotts. The first official set of county maps produced for the Commonwealth are known today as the Melish-Whiteside maps. Drawn between and , they were based upon actual county surveys, and include information such as township lines, municipality names, geographic features, roads, distances, and surface features. In addition, the names of property owners for certain taverns, dwellings, furnaces, and mills are also present on a number of the maps. These maps led to the production of the county atlases:

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Soi Patong Resort is the link between the long-established Patong Resort and Bangla Road. It is about metres long and offers the type of venues geared to tourists. It is about metres long and offers the type of venues geared to tourists.

Arrive Thursday September 20 for chance first look of maps by the dealers and other events planned. Expo opens at 9 a. A more detailed schedule, hotel and registration information will be available as soon. First time for RMCA in the Northeast, we look forward to seeing members in that region where you will have a chance to see ‘s of maps to buy, sell or trade.

Explore vintage vehicle displays and interactive exhibits featuring cars, buses, motorcycles from s – s. Become a Member or Renew Member Login Collecting Road Maps This page provides links to almost everything that you might want to know about road maps, and how to start collecting them. See the members-only pages. Public Pages Public pages are visible to everyone, and provide an introduction to the map collecting hobby.

The Types of Maps People Collect. This page links to the best of them. Useful Map Sites do not belong to members. Dating maps from the big cartographers is remarkably easy — once you know the codes! This page explains how they work, and should be checked by all vendors before trying to sell a map please! Maps by the Decade Part 2 More road maps, from the s s For travelers looking for current road maps, the following pages may be helpful:

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Most of the pre map and chart images depicting Louisiana in the collection are photocopies or reduced negatives of materials in the National Archives. These materials focus on the Louisiana Gulf Coast and the Mississippi River with sporadic coverage elsewhere. The original historical nautical charts showing the Louisiana Gulf Coast date to while the holdings of charts depicting the Mississippi River bird foot delta range from to date.

A map is the greatest of all epic poems. Its lines and colors show the realization of great dreams. ~ Gilbert Grosvenor, Founding Editor of National Geographic ~ Gilbert Grosvenor, Founding Editor of.

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Motorcycle Roads in Texas

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Geologic Highway Maps paper Geologic highway maps are multicolored regional maps which provide data for rock and soil sample collection and other points of geologic information. These maps are available for viewing in the Map Library and are also available digitally. Petroleum Economist Maps paper, digital These maps consist of a collection from the Petroleum Economist magazine and include energy, pipeline and oil storage maps from through the present.

These maps are available for viewing in the Map Library. Ask the Map Library staff for assistance in accessing the PE archive online. These maps are available in the Map Library.


Over the past 50 years this has manifested itself in a tendency for authoritarian Governments, often with only a limited commitment to supporting private enterprise, and an instinctive hostility to large, multinational companies based in the USA or Europe. Distrust of large oil companies, largely as a result of their upstream interests, has reduced their involvement downstream, with several countries in the region nationalising all or part of their oil industry, or else making it unattractive for them to stay.

Political tensions and wars have also made it a less attractive region in which to invest, even when markets have been relatively open.

Integrate your floor plans with Google Maps. dating back to the19th century. Graffiti artists have left their mark on a wall and the road has been blocked by a strange scene at the manhole.

By Yi Shu Ng And he got away with it for over four years. In , Ge Yulu, an artist in Beijing, found a street that didn’t carry a street sign. So he put up an official-looking sign with his own name on it. Ge Yu Road’s street signs, which Ge put up in Local reports said the road used to be inside a residential compound, but ended up outside of it after some construction and rezoning. In an viral essay written on Zhihu , China’s Quora, Ge documented with fascination, how his own sign ended up creeping into official records — and eventually onto online maps such as Apple Maps, Google Maps, Baidu Maps and AutoNavi.

Autonavi first named the street after him in , and that other map apps soon followed suit.

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It failed during the Great Depression. Clason maps are notorious for having no date information. Instead, various elements of the maps changed over time.

Historical Map Collection. The Cartographic Information Center collection contains copies of historical maps and charts dating to the s. Most of the pre map and chart images depicting Louisiana in the collection are photocopies or reduced negatives of materials in the National Archives.

Killarney Killarney is a colorful small town that looks like it was plucked out of the 19th century. As a popular destination, it actively maintains its historic charm. In fact, the Killarney town council banned plastic store signs in the s so that the town would retain its pretty, old-fashioned look. Killarney might not blow your mind like the Ring of Kerry landscape, but it has lots of enjoyable restaurants, pubs, shops, and galleries.

I found the exact opposite to be true, with lots of modern restaurants and delicious food from all over the world. That reputation was totally accurate; both the beer and cider are high-quality and easy to find. Ireland is famous for its high-quality wool sweaters and blankets. You can also shop at some name brand stores at the Killarney Outlet Centre. Historic Churches in Killarney Killarney has a couple 19th-century churches that are worth a visit if you like historic architecture.

It passes five lakes: Between Coosaun and Black Lake is a wishing bridge. You can stop here, make a wish on the bridge, and, according to local legend, your wish is destined to come true. In cooler months, you can sit by the open fire and enjoy pub food and dark beers. Every so often, the cottage holds a traditional Irish dinner with live music and costumed dancers.

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So, I keep trying to reimagine and reinvent what technology makes possible for my kids this year. Last year I did a project based learning unit for midpoint and distance. Kids had to design and make water parks. That was a lot of fun, but project based learning is hard work, and frankly, the way that project is designed – it took a lot of cash to fund the purchase of a bajillion glue gun sticks, foam, felt, cardstock, popsicle sticks, etc.

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Dating Rand McNally and Gousha Maps In cases when the year of publication was not shown on the cover or in the legend, map companies put date codes at the bottom of the main map. The table below shows the codes for two main map producers, Rand McNally and H.M. Gousha.

Motorcycle Roads Motorcycle Roads in Texas The Lone Star state offers motorcycle riders the best road trips and an exceptional array of scenic diversity with it’s over , square miles of territory, altitudes ranging from sea level to 8, feet, and an incredible miles of Gulf of Mexico shoreline. The panhandle region of north Texas TX features big rolling grassy plains.

The Texas Hill Country found in the center southwest portion of the state offers rolling hills with breathtaking displays of wildflowers in spring. The area also enjoys a year-round lush green landscape with refreshing lakes and rivers making this area a clear favorite of motorcycle riders seeking scenic splendor. Moving further east east-central and eastern TX brings motorcycle riders to a vast area noted for its parries, lakes, and piney forest while becoming more green and moist as you approach the Louisiana border.

Moving further south will bring you to the Texas Gulf coast region Moving to the southwest corner of Texas will provide motorcycle rides with a scenic backdrop right out of an old western With all of these choices, Motorcycle riders are sure to find countless miles of memorable motorcycle roads making it the best road trip in the Lone Star State!

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